New Moon Birth VBAC YOUR WAY Class

By New Moon Birth (other events)

11 Dates Through Nov 02, 2013
New Moon Birth offers an exciting, participatory 8 hour VBAC YOUR Way class for women and their families planning a vaginal birth after a cesarean. Spend the day with other families pursuing the same goal, learn all about the SIX ways to progress in labor and review the stages of labor, experience a wonderful relaxation exercise, a realistic labor simulation and discuss community standards and current research on risks and benefits of VBAC in a safe environment. Learn tried and true techniques for back labor, helpful ways to smoothly welcome a new baby without alienating your existing child(ren) and end this class with an uplifting confidence building exercise that will leave you looking forward to your VBAC with optimism and feeling prepared for this upcoming birth. This jam-packed day will give you a chance to focus on this baby and this birth, at least for one day!

Refund of class fee minus $25 will be returned if you need to cancel within two weeks of class date. Refund fee in full minus paypal fees if you cancel before two weeks.

In order to use our time effectively, children are asked to remain at home during this class.